This list is not all-inclusive. If you have an additional question, email Michelle at michelle@mjbookeditor.com for a prompt reply.

Do you accept manuscripts longer than 125,000 words?

Sometimes. For optimum success in today’s publishing market, we encourage first-time authors to keep their word counts at 125,000 or fewer for each book. For manuscripts that simply cannot be trimmed, consider the likely possibility that you have actually written two or more books. That’s great news! Authors with more than one published book have a much greater chance at establishing an impressive readership and brand. We may accept a manuscript longer than 125,000 words if you already have an established readership and brand.

What if I make changes after editing is complete?

Our comments may prompt or inspire you to make further revisions after we’ve edited your manuscript. That’s awesome! As your editing partner, we’re here to help you every step of the way, so we are happy to respond to further requests for editing and reviews of your rewrites at a discounted hourly rate of $25, purchased in blocks of 5 hours. Most authors request 5-10 additional hours of editing work and consultation before they feel ready to publish their manuscript.

Do you only edit fiction manuscripts?

We edit most genres of both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts, including cookbooks, academic papers, and even some technical non-fiction.

Is there a minimum word count?

There is no minimum word count to enlist our services.

Do you keep the copyright or take a share of the royalties?

No! We’re here to polish your manuscript, not to piggyback on your success. At no point do we take any rights to your work or accept any portion of your royalties. Doing so is not ethical, and its legality is questionable.

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