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Writing is an art, and you’ve put your heart into your craft. We want to honor and uplift your artistry by creating an equally well-crafted piece of art in return. Your book cover is the first impression of your story, and our goal is to leverage the power of great design to craft a cover that captures attention, inspires intrigue, and draws readers in, compelling them to find out more. OUR BELIEFS ABOUT BOOK COVER DESIGN: A book cover is the visual representation of your story. It’s also the first impression. A well-designed cover can and should evoke an emotional response from the reader. It should entice them to want to pick up your book and read it before knowing anything about it.

Your story is unique and it deserves an equally unique cover design to represent and reflect its artistry. That is why all cover designs are started completely from scratch. We don’t recycle elements from previous projects or use cookie-cutter designs or layouts, and we limit the use of stock-photo-heavy designs whenever possible.

It is our job to interpret and translate your story into the visual form, and we’ll supply our artistic input and support to help create the most beautiful and attractive cover for your story. But, ultimately, you have to fall in love with your book cover or it doesn’t work. ABOUT THE PROCESS:

Our first step is getting to know all about your characters and their quirks, the storyline, the plot, and any twists, subtleties, or nuances within your story. Then, we’ll draft at least one concept cover to help establish the artistic tone, page elements, color pallete, typography (if any), and the overall feel and message.

Once we’ve determined the core elements and concept for your book cover’s look, feel, and visual story dynamic, we’ll then begin to craft the print-ready (and/or e-reader) version. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? While covers can sometimes—on rare occasions—take as little as a few days from start to finish, we don’t have a set turnaround time. This is because we start each project from scratch. In other words, it takes however long it takes until the design represents your story in the best way possible.*

With that said, so as not to leave you hanging…typically the design process takes between 1-2 months in all.

Here’s a rough outline of a typical design timetable:

We’ll usually send at least one initial cover concept for you to review within about 3-5 business days after the official project kickoff date. After that, we’ll have a little back-and-forth to help establish some of the elements and to refine the overall idea.

Once we get a green light from you, we’ll repeat the process for the interior, and then the back.

When all the pieces are in place, the final product will typically take about 1-3 weeks depending on about a million different factors.

The reader’s journey all starts with the initial impression of what they see—your book cover. We all know the saying: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But many potential readers do! A good book cover design can give your work the opportunity to get noticed.

When you’re ready to tell your visual story, sign up here. COVER DESIGN FAQs: I’m in a hurry. Can you do it? We don’t do rush jobs for book cover designs.  You took your time crafting the perfect story, and we do the same for the art we produce.

While we can and often do complete a book cover design ahead of schedule, we consider it the best practice to take our time to do it right. Do you offer bulk discounts for book series? Yes. We do offer bulk discounts for book series on a case-by-case basis. Is the price fixed? Yes, but…sometimes, very rarely, a project may go past our initial estimated parameters. If this happens, we may need to expand the budget to cover the additional time and/or resources.

This scenario is, however, very rare. It generally only happens when an author decides to abandon things at the last minute. In other words, don’t worry, just be aware.

In the off chance this happens, you’ll be notified of any potential additional fees or projections/expectations well in advance and we can make arrangements to get it handled.

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